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Style by Lynae
Basic Membership
$19.99 / 4 weeks
  • Manicure
  • Brow & Lip Wax
  • Take 10% off all regularly priced services. No exclusions.
Silver Membership
$33 / 4 weeks.
Choose one of the following services each month at no additional charge:

• Mani & Pedi combo
• Shellac Manicure & Brow Wax
• Pedicure with Paraffin Dip & Brow or Lip Wax
• Keratin, Deep Conditioning Hair Treatment with Scalp Massage
• Leg Wax (lower leg)
• 15% off all regularly priced services
Gold Membership
$55 / 4 weeks
Choose one of the following services each month at no additional charge:

• 60 min Swedish or Chocolate Massage
• 60 min Signature Facial
• 60 min Anti Aging / Skin Tightening Facial
• 60 min Hydrating Facial
• 45 min Body Contouring & Shaping Treatment (minimize cellulite)
• 18% off all regularly priced services

Diamond Membership
$119 / 4 weeks
Choose one of the following services each month at no additional charge:

• Hair Cut & Color retouch
• Full Head of Highlights
• Deep conditioning Treatment, Color Retouch & Glaze (deep conditioning should be done within 5 days of color)
• Teeth Whitening (up to 2 kits. 30 min total led light time)
• Spa Day (choose 2: Facial, Massage, Signature Body Treatment, Cellulite Treatment or Mani / Pedi combo)
• 20% off all regularly priced service 

 Private Club Membership
Enjoy two of the following services every 4 weeks at no additional charge for $179 / month:
  • Shellac Manicure & removal (if needed) or Regular Manicure & Brow wax
  • Spa Pedicure                                                            (valued up to $480 / year)
  • Choose 1: Facial, Massage, Body Contouring Treatment,  Hair Keratin Treatment or Clear hair glaze                                                                                     (value up  to $1,140.00 / year)
Throughout your Membership to our club you will also receive
  • 8 Haircuts & color retouch                                  (value $1,040.00 / year)
  • 20% off all regularly priced services                Saving over $500 / year!
  • 10% off promotional services
  • 10% off retail

*Custom Membership
Schedule a consultation to decide what would be best tor you.

Style by Lynae’s Membership is based on a 12 month program. The funds will be drafted from your bank or c.c. (Whichever you provide) every 30 days from your sign up date unless otherwise specified.
• Membership offers priority scheduling. (Please mention you are a member when scheduling)
• Members can buy gift certificates at a 15% discount.
• 10% discount on any of our promotional prices & 10% off retail.                  

Q - What happens if I don’t come in for a month? Do I lose my money?
A –  1. Basic Membership - If you think you won't be using this membership we encourage you to       freeze your account. The $19.99 will be deducted otherwise.
A - 2. Silver, Gold & Diamond Memberships - The amount of money paid will roll over to the following month however the promotional service will not. This money can be applied to any of our services (can’t be used for retail, tips or cash back). Roll over money can accumulate but cannot exceed $300.
Q – Can I gift any of my services to someone else?
A – Unfortunately no. This membership is good for the person who signs up for it only. No exceptions.
Q – Can I ever take a break from my membership?
A – Yes. You can freeze your account for $5 / month up to 3 months. You need to email us at stylebylynaememberships@hotmail.com with a request at least 30 days prior to your freeze date. You will receive an email confirmation which will require a response. This way we are certain that your request doesn’t get lost over email. If you don’t receive this confirmation, your membership is still active. Please call us or resubmit your request. If you don’t respond, your account will remain active.

Q – What if I move or want to cancel early?                                                                               A – With a 60 day written notice we will cancel membership however we offer you these amazing prices based on a 12 month commitment. If you cancel early, you will pay the difference of the regular price for all services received not to exceed $500. That would be the same as if you never had a membership.
Q – Can I use my membership discount on promotions you are running?
A – No. All members will receive a 10% discount on any promotions. Membership discounts are based on regular priced services.
 Q – Can I use any of my membership towards a tip or retail products or receive cash back?
A – No. All fees will be applied to services only. No exceptions.

I’m excited to offer a limited amount of Salon & Spa Memberships. As a small business, I feel so blessed to have been in business since 2001. I enjoy offering a relaxing & private experience for all of my guests. Each & every one of you are important.
I look forward to serving you, our new member. 

Lynae Thomas

Sign up for your Membership

HERE, call (919)601-4058 or sign up at the Salon.
If you have any questions or special requests don't hesitate to call.


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